Webinar - ICF Synergie group: Coaching d’éveil - Awakening Coaching

15/01/2020 Dalle 20:00 alle 21:00 • Webinar in lingua straniera

A webinar from the ICF Synergie group.  

ICF Synergie is an initiative of a volunteer group of French speaking members of ICF.  Our core mission is to:

  • Contribute to the continued improvement of the skills of French speaking ICF coachs 
  • Participate in expanding the reach of the French speaking coachs via sharing and exchanging best practices
  • Promote the synergy among French speaking chapters through sharing of tools and know-how. 


Webinar (in French) : Coaching d’éveil - L’intuition au service du Leadership conscient et bienveillant - David Denis Hertz

Awakening Coaching - Intuition at the Service of Conscious and Benevolent Leadership – David Denis Hertz

There are several different forms of intelligence. We will distinguish between emotional intelligence, intuitive intelligence and instinct.   We will offer concrete tools for coachs to know how to access  intuition, to evoke  received messages before  translating them with their coachees.

One of the benefits of this approach is to quickly create a relationship of trust and deep communication with clients through accessing  a source of "intimate" knowledge. In English "Intimacy" can be translated as "Into me see".


Attendance is free. Register here.



David Denis Hertz

Coach ICF MCC - Geneva Switzerland

Certified professional coach for 20 years, and Coach MCC, David Denis Hertz holds a degree in commercial and industrial sciences from the University of Geneva. After a 15-year experience in business consulting (SMEs, Public Administrations, NGOs, Multinationals), David was trained for two years to develop, test and implement methods using intuitive intelligence for organizations and individuals.


For further information on ICF Synergie

a Facebook page (https://fr-ca.facebook.com/ICF.Synergie/),

For CCEU information please contact : Louise Cardwell (ICF France) louiseecardwell@gmail.com or Nayla Yazbeck (ICF Lebanon) nayla.yazbeck@gmail.com


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Webinar attendance is free. Register here.


Webinar - ICF Synergie group: Coaching d’éveil - Awakening Coaching
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